New Book Exposes: The #1 Most Neglected Marketing Opportunity For Cafe & Restaurant Owners

12 Strategies Every Cafe And Restaurant Owner Should Check

Buy BathroomProfits At Amazon Now!
Buy BathroomProfits On Amazon Now!

In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Enemy or Hero?

    Instead of neglecting the most sensitive area in any cafe and restaurant, learn how to turn your bathrooms into your best customer satisfaction machine.

  • Did you overlook this?

    After reading BathroomProfits you will know which aspects of your bathroom you did overlook in the past and can turn weaknesses into strength.

  • Word Of Mouth

    Great opportunities happen in any business when you “violate any negative expectations of your customers” and turn them around. Who thought your bathroom would have such “telling power”?

What Other People Are Saying

Thanks. The changes me now made to our bathroom found in this small but very helpful book already made a great difference and scored us a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor! Thanks again.

Stephane Taubner, Cafe Augora

Interesting read - and quite inspiring on what could be improved to any bathroom. Your customers and your profits will be confirming that following the advice from Bathroom Profits will be the right to do for you, too!

Frank Berger, Restaurant Tester & Professional Mystery Shopper
Buy BathroomProfits On Amazon Now!
Buy BathroomProfits On Amazon Now!

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