Unique Advertising Opportunities

Dear future business partner:

There are different ways to work together.

The first edition of the book was just published end of July 2015
and we hit a #1 category placement in Amazon

All relevant resources as suppliers and companies
that provide excellent ideas how to create stunning bathrooms
can be placed in:

a) a closed directory at bathroomprofits.com only accessible
to paid readers of the book

b) permanent advertorials you can place on my constantly updated
blog JohnFlushberg.com – there is the option that you place either
a one time blog post or you can gain monthly access to the blog,
so you could blog up to 4 times per month relevant news as a
permanent “expert blogger”

c) you could purchase additional sidebar banner advertising
in the future (currently only very limited available)

d) There are several categories in the book where a company
could be mentioned at the end of a chapter, for new editions of the book
where I plan to add resources directly at the end of chapters of the book there
is an option to link to your website in addition to all the other options

Preview the relevant chapters for you:

Current Advertising Options

(All pricing will be grandfathered as prices
will increase over time for new advertisers)

a) closed directory access is free in combination
with any other paid advertising

b) a one time permanent blog post is $125,
a constant guest blogger access is $397 with
the possibility to post up to 4 posts per month
advertorial style – for longer term commitments
the monthly access is $200 with a minimum of
prepaid 6 months

c)  paid banner advertising is currently not open to the public

d) Being added as a sponsor for a specific chapter is $997.
This works like this: at this point we are taking reservations
from companies and only when the next edition of the book gets
online you have the option to get included by paying this fee
right before the new publication date.


by doing a coop-advertising with your local or national
media advertising.

Here is our current limited offers to first-time advertisers
with us. If you put our book cover along with any media
advertising you do online or other print or other media
you can save 50% of all your advertising cost.

For this to work you place a one time blog post with our blog
and we highly recommend your company at the blog and you
then would add our book cover to your advertising (we can also
send you a physical copy if you want to take a picture with
someone in person having the book in their hands), after
the advertising you did is confirmed you will lock in 50% rebates
for all future advertising with me.

Bulk Buy The Book As Presents For Your Customers If: